Anti January Blues – the beauty of blue in Nature

The colour blue has many negative associations – feeling blue, having the blues, blue Monday – a link with sadness and depression. This January, I wanted to reframe things and focus on all the beautiful blues there are in nature.

Carpets of bluebells, the bright blue of nigella flowers and cornflowers, the pale blue of forget me nots and sky, the deep blue of the sea, of sloes and blueberries. The blue of kingfishers and peacock feathers. When I run my nature craft workshops, I either start with a nature walk for inspiration or if the weather is rubbish, I start with a nature-based colour meditation. It’s a lovely thing to do and it’s always interesting to see what colours come out the strongest in your mind. When you start to think of all the things in nature that are a certain colour, it starts to bring out colours that you connect to the most which we then use to inspire the craft we’re working on in the workshop.

Blue has always been one of my favourite colours, it’s a calming colour full or clarity and hope for me. Many of my favourite wildflowers are blue, I’m drawn to blues inside my home too. My living room walls are dark blue, my bedroom walls are pale blue, a lot of our artwork is blue based like these seedhead prints. So, I’m choosing to turn blue Monday into a celebration of all things blue and beautiful! What are your favourite blues in nature or in your home? 

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