Beautiful Unique Botanical Print Jewellery

I know I’ve found the perfect designs for my collection when I get so excited about the delivery arriving that opening it takes priority over everything, even my morning coffee! (I’m someone who gets very grumpy without coffee!). When I beam from ear to ear as soon as I see the designs in real life and want to photograph them straight away to share them as soon as possible. When I get so many messages on here about them before I’ve even added them to the shop. When people stop in the shop and want to touch them and find out more about them. When I can hear the intake of breath when people see them that says wow. When I get to use some of my collected bits of nature to display them in the shop and they look right at home there.

These beautiful fern imprint jewellery designs by Stevie @botanicalboheme are really special. So unique and stunning and detailed. So unlike anything you’ll find anywhere. They are just perfect in every way! I am so proud and excited to stock these pieces and I am so tempted to keep at least one piece for myself! I was going to save them to be part of my autumn launch, but I couldn’t wait that long and I think they will sell really fast in the shop so I’ve just put them online too with some basic photos I took in the shop today. I’ll get some much better photos in September when I photograph everything properly with @gem_hicks_photography. I hope you love them as much as I do! 💚

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