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What to press in Spring

So many flowers are starting to emerge here in the UK and I’ve been sending out so many flower presses which makes me very happy. Pressing flowers and leaves brings so much joy and I wanted to share some of my favourite things to press at this time of year to help give you ideas. […]

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My Inspiration For The Spring 2021 Collection

This spring collection was inspired by the gentle early greens of leaves, the speckled whites of birds eggs and blossom, the warm yellows of daffodils and the rich red browns of clay soil I’ve been digging at the allotment. I wanted to shoot in a greenhouse to try and capture the sense of emerging greenery […]

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Anti January Blues – the beauty of blue in Nature

The colour blue has many negative associations – feeling blue, having the blues, blue Monday – a link with sadness and depression. This January, I wanted to reframe things and focus on all the beautiful blues there are in nature. Carpets of bluebells, the bright blue of nigella flowers and cornflowers, the pale blue of […]

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How To Save Seeds

I recently added some seed collection packets designed for me by my friend Beth to the collection as it’s something I’ve been wanting to do myself for ages and I’m finally doing it this year. I’m saving seed from the flowers I’ve grown to give to people as Christmas gifts. It gives something back to […]

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Guide to What to press in Summer

This is a great time of year for pressing flowers and some of my favourites are either still in bloom from May or just coming in to bloom now. I’ve done a quick blog on some of the best flowers to press right now and how. Meadow Buttercup Carpets of buttercups everywhere and they are […]

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modge podge flower vases from tin cans with flowers

Make Your Own Tin Can Plant Pots

This is a really fun and easy craft project for adults and kids and they look so lovely. You can use these upcycled tin cans as vases or pen pots, or to plant up herbs on your windowsill. We made them as Mother’s Day gifts and filled them with pansies and other flowers to go […]

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jar of wildflowers

Simple ways to bring spring into your home

I had a long think this week about the sort of things I want to write about and share with you on my blog as I’ve been overthinking it a bit and worrying about what I should write rather than just writing what I feel like sharing. What makes me me and what drives me […]

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geoffrey & grace slow living guide

Inspirational People And Sharing Stories

It can be a very lonely business running a business of your own with your only company being a very moody toddler so I’ve spent some time finding things that lift me up and support me through the difficult times. Sometimes it feels self-indulgent starting the day with a podcast or a magazine rather than […]

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All I want for Christmas… some time off! That is probably top of my list after these first couple months of finally doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing! It has been exciting and terrifying, exhausting and exhilarating! The first month was very slow but then in the last few weeks, some orders started to come in and I […]

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