Alice Draws The Line

Alice Black and WhiteI discovered Alice Savery of Alice Draws The Line through Instagram and I fell in love with her beautiful nature sketches and her way of life. She sketches nature every day and uses her illustrations to create stunning prints, mugs, tea towels and cards. She also runs a forest school and woodland workshops. I asked her a bit about what inspires her and what she loves most about what she does.

How did you get started as a maker?

The ‘making’ start of my work only started very recently, when I decided to let the sketches out of the sketchbook and jump onto sell-able products. This came about from a reduction in my work hours and so a window opened to see if I could expand a hobby I’d had for years.

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What inspires your designs and materials and how has that changed over time?

The seasons and the changes in flora in the British countryside is my main inspiration. Predominantly trees and woodland spaces, but any natural habitats and the flora and fauna that go with that too.

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What is your favourite thing to make?

My favourite thing is this initial drawing – it might stay in the sketchbook or there is a the possibility that it might go onto a product such as a print or enamel mug that might end up making someone smile somewhere else in the world!

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What do you love most about being a maker?

I enjoy that I can be different people on different days, or parts of the day – one minute I’m an artist, then photographer, or ordering stock or designing something new, wrapping orders or skipping off to the post office!

How important is the space that you work in to you and what do you love about your workshop space?

The drawings happen anywhere and that’s something I love about them – they are a type of diary in that respect. My workspace is a spare room at the moment, set up to work well – with all packaging bits and pieces in easy reach and a big standing desk that I can do all parts of my work at. The radio is a pretty essential feature!

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What would you be in another life if you weren’t doing what you do?

I have been delivering Forest School sessions and training and associated courses for the last 12 years and so this is new to me – although I did both part time for the last 3 years. I’m still doing workshops in woodlands and am starting to write some art workshops for that environment too – so watch this space! (or @DrawnToThe Forest which is where that is forming!)

You will find Alice’s beautiful woodland inspired mugs and tea towels in my Woodland collection.

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