Hannah Nunn

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I found Hannah and her beautiful nature-inspired, paper cut lamps through Instagram and I was so excited, I emailed her straight away to ask if I could stock some as part of my new collection. I chose my favourite three seedhead designs – dandelion, cow parsley and allium – but I love all her designs!

Hannah also designs fabrics, wallpapers and window films and her warmth comes through in her designs as well as it does when you speak to her. I wanted to find out more about how she got started and what inspires her.

How did you get started as a maker?

I started really small when my children were tiny. I got a little studio space in a shared mill and worked when my youngest was at playschool for just a couple of hours a day. I began by making a range of paper cut cards and an established maker in our studio group mentored me and helped me get my work into galleries. My cards were paper cuttings and I was always holding them up to the light to enjoy their silhouettes. This gave me the idea to create lighting. I got arts council funding to research the idea and soon after my paper cut lamps were born. I took them to a trade show and they did really well. I have been making them now for fifteen years! They keep on selling!

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What inspires your designs and materials and how has that changed over time?

It’s nature that inspires me the most. I live in Hebden Bridge which is a small town surrounded by woods and meadows. I walk a lot and take lots of photos. I always want to try and capture the simplicity and beauty that I see. I’m not sure if that will ever change.

I love working with paper and a few years ago I developed a range of wallpapers. After that, by customer demand I developed a range of fabrics to complement but I’m still a paper person through and through!

What is your favourite thing to make?

I love the whole process of designing wallpaper, from the drawings, to making the pattern flow, to the colour mixing day at the factory and then seeing it come off the printing press. It’s very satisfying but is quite a long winded process. Lamps have more if an instant satisfaction. The moment you illuminate it, there is magic. That’s what I love the most.

I’m so grateful to be able to earn a living doing what I love. It’s not easy. There is a huge percentage of time taken just looking after the business side of things but I am motivated to do this well and efficiently so that I can keep on drawing and making and dreaming.

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How important is the space that you work in to you and what do you love about your workshop space?

It’s really important to me. When I started out I had a fantasy of having a studio space with big windows and lots of plants, full of things that inspire me. I have that now and I love being here. We have a bird feeder on the windows and the birds come and go. It’s close to town but really peaceful. I worked in the back of my shop for years and it was hard to concentrate on my work, but now I can and it feels lovely.

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What would you be in another life if you weren’t doing what you do?

My other passion is yoga. I would teach it. Actually I’m doing a teacher training now so I might not have to wait until the next life! I would love to marry my two passions, yoga and creativity together and help people have more of both. Just working out how to get more days in the week!

You can see Hannahs’ beautiful seedhead lamps and candle covers in my Seedhead collection.

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