Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

diy gift wrap with flowers

I believe in giving gifts whenever you feel like it rather than on a commercial calendar date, but at the same time I want to show the people who are important in my life how much they mean with carefully chosen, unique and handcrafted gifts. It brings so much joy to give someone special a gift that you know they will love too, so I think it’s an act of self care in some ways as well as a lovely thing for whoever you’re giving the gift to.

Several friends have treated their mums to gifts from my collection for Mother’s Day and birthdays since I started, and I wanted to share their and my choices to give you ideas for gifts.

modge podge flower vases from tin cans with flowers

Handmade plant pot

Seasonal plants always make great gifts, and if you want to make your own upcycled plant pots like these ones and give them with a spring plant or some herbs in, there’s a how-to tutorial here on my blog.

fern ceramic soap dishes group

Organic soap and ceramic soap dish

My mum has always been anti bar soaps as she said they weren’t hygienic so I was over the moon when I recently converted her to bar soap by introducing her to my Wild Sage & Co soaps! A lovely gift that a few people have chosen for their mums is one of their amazing smelling, organic vegan soaps and a handcrafted soap dish to go with it. I have some beautiful cow parsley imprint ceramic soap dishes by Julie Reilly and these brand new fern soap dishes which flew out at my last market. Some people add super soft reusable bamboo face wipes to make a little pampering gift set as well as the soap and soap dish.

grey yellow panel wool blanket on armchair

Cosy blankets

My biggest treat, especially at this time of year, is to sit under my big cosy blanket! I gave my mum one of these Welsh woven blankets last year for Mother’s Day as she had been through major surgery and sitting at home a lot, unable to do much exercise. She has been snuggled under it for most evenings since last March and it was the best gift I think I’ve given her.

betony sage new group candle shot

Essential oil candle

A friend of mine treats his mum (and himself) regularly to my Restore candle which I love! All of these eco friendly essential oil candles are a real treat for the senses and I like to think of his mum taking time out with her candle and relaxing.

The Restore candle makes me feel relaxed as soon as I light it, and the calming, warming combination of Lavender, Clove and Vetiver makes everyone who smells it close their eyes and smile! There’s also the zesty, uplifting Awaken candle and the earthy, woody Wilderness candle to choose from.

fern imprint leaf drop earrings

Nature-inspired jewellery

A few friends treated their mums to these beautiful fern imprint leaf shaped earrings at Christmas and I am getting my ears pierced so I can wear these myself too. They look so beautiful on and I love the fact that these are being bought by and for women of all ages as they are the most beautiful earrings I have ever seen!

new seedball spring 2020 tins

Wildflower seeds

I know lots of mums who are very keen gardeners as I am. Locally grown flowers make a great gift and Organic Blooms is a fantastic flower farm near Bristol where you can buy beautiful organic seasonal posies or treat your mum to a flower arranging workshop.

I think wildflower seeds are one of the best gifts you can give anyone and spring is the perfect time to get planting wildflowers! I’ve brought in even more Seedball tins this spring to choose from. The ‘Cloud’ all white meadow mix and ‘Sky’ blue meadow mix are lovely gifts and the beautiful new floral Artist’s Meadow tins are perfect for mums too! You can give individual tins or a set of 3 in a gift box.

paly glass pressed flower frame

Flower frame

Whereas a bunch of flowers will only last a few weeks, these hand-cut and soldered, pressed flower frames last forever and I think these make great gifts for mums. They look so lovely hung in windows to catch the light or from a few branches in a vase, and make a really beautiful and unique gift.

Linen leafprint makeup bag

Handmade makeup bag

These lovely lino printed and hand stitched leaf print wash bags/make up bags crafted by my good friend and maker Charlie Brandon-King make a really special gift! They were featured in a local Somerset magazine at the end of last month as part of their Mother’s Day Gift Guide which made me so proud and happy.

flowers for my favourite seed card

Plantable seed card

If you’re looking for a small gift that makes a big difference, these plantable wildflower seed cards are brilliant. They are both a card and a gift as, once your message has been read, the whole card can be planted out and will produce wildflowers year after year to remind your mum that you’re thinking of her. You just have to convince her to plant it out… mine hung on to hers on the shelf for a few months after Mother’s Day before I finally got her to plant it out! 😉


Craft workshop

Workshops and experiences make great gifts and I’ve had lots of mums and daughters come to my craft workshops together which is lovely!

I have just launched a series of nature-inspired craft workshops at my new studio space in Bristol, so if you’re local and would like a gift voucher for your mum or for you and your mum to do together as a present, let me know and I can create a lovely card and voucher for you to give!

flower farm photo

These are just some ideas that came to me when I thought of mums I know, gifts that friends have chosen for their mums and the sort of gifts that I would love myself. I’d love to know what you choose for your mum if something here has inspired you or if you make your own gifts, what you make? x