My Inspiration For The Spring 2021 Collection

raphaela white jug

This spring collection was inspired by the gentle early greens of leaves, the speckled whites of birds eggs and blossom, the warm yellows of daffodils and the rich red browns of clay soil I’ve been digging at the allotment.

I wanted to shoot in a greenhouse to try and capture the sense of emerging greenery you get in spring, of things getting warmer and lighter.

I asked Katie of KT Robbins ceramics to create me a new green glaze that was fresh and earthy at the same time and I love what she came up with.

meadow grass side plates

Raphaela’s ceramics are so tactile and these speckled stoneware cups, jugs, garlic pot and pourer are so beautiful. They feel of the earth somehow and feel good to hold. There is something so special about handmade pottery. I love how well they go with the two-tone earthenware ceramics by Wendy Calder and the Meadow Grass imprint ceramics by Julie Reilly.
They complement the yellows of daffodils, forsythia and pussy willow so beautifully too. Homegrown and hedgerow flowers mixed with handcrafted pottery.

botanical hip flask

I love the earthy brown reds of the hand engraved leather of the botanical adventure bottle and hip flask, handcrafted by husband and wife team Gemma and Jon of Hord. Perfect for outdoor adventures with long walks and lighter days.

flower harvest print

I love the rusty red ink on this beautiful Flower Harvest print by Rosanna Morris too, one of my favourite things in the new collection. I have this print on my bedroom wall and I love it!

incense holder

This new collection has lifted my spirits and moved me forward into this new season, my second favourite time of year after Autumn. I hope you love it too!

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