Pressed Flower Crafts

picnic rug and flower press

I love pressing flowers and once you start it’s very addictive. I still have the flower press I had as a young girl and I made my wooden ones because it is something that lasts a lifetime and people would ask me after my workshops where they could find one. I also have lots of heavy books full of flowers I’m pressing too.

There are so many lovely things you can make with pressed flowers! I’ve shared some ideas here and how to make them. If you make any of these, I’d love to see your creations!  

pressed flower tealight holders

The thing I make most with my pressed flowers are these beautiful tealight holders. They are so easy to make. Just wash and remove the label from a small to medium jar and choose the flowers you want to use. Cover the jar all over with a layer of Modge Podge glue, arrange your chosen pressed flowers on the glue, and then seal them with another thin layer of Modge Podge all over. It looks thick and white but it will dry clear.

pressed flower tealight holder

A really nice finishing touch is to tie some twine or coloured raffia around the top in a colour or a mix of colours that goes with the flowers you’ve chosen too.

You could use these jars as vases as well as tealight holders, but I love how the light shines through the flowers and leaves!

pressed flower bookmark

Pressed flowers also make great greetings cards, gift tags and bookmarks. Just cut a piece of card to size, arrange your chosen pressed flowers on it with a dab of PVA glue underneath to hold them in place or a mini glue dot, and then seal the card with a layer of clear book film to protect the flowers.

For gift tags and bookmarks, you can punch a small hole in the top and thread through some cord, twine or colourful raffia too.

pressed flowers in clip frames

Pressed flowers are a great way to capture a month or a season through the flowers and leaves all around you and bring the outdoors inside. They make really lovely wall art to hang or put in a free-standing frame. You can stick them down on a piece of card inside a clear fronted clip frame or just put them straight into a lovely brass clip frame like the Kiko frames by Nkuku.

pressed flower hanging cards

A few small frames hung as a seasonal series look great!

For a simpler version, you can attach the flowers with glue to recycled textured paper and then stick that on to a larger piece of white or coloured card to create a frame style backing and hang them with ribbon taped to the back.

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