A6 Nature Illustrated Notebooks


I love these little sketchbooks or notebooks with their beautiful nature illustrations on the cover. Each one has 32-pages of high quality 140gsm plain cartridge paper and a sturdy cover which is a page from a nature lover’s notebook. There are 3 designs to choose from and each one is printed across the fold to cover front and back.

HEDGEROW – covered with sketches and notes about the rich diversity of life in the hedgerow. You’ll find wild flowers, berries and nests; birds and mammals; leaves and insects and butterflies. Hedges provide essential links between habitats which support a wide variety of wildlife.

WOODLAND – covered with sketches and notes from a woodland. You’ll find leaves, berries, bluebells and snowdrops, as well as birds and animals. There’s nothing more magical than an ancient woodland, quiet yet filled with a rich diversity of life.

IN THE GARDEN – covered with sketches and notes about the rich diversity of life in your back garden. You’ll find many of the common feathered garden visitors like blackbirds, goldfinches, the beloved robin, blue tits and long tailed tits, alongside a nest box, a hedgehog, flowers and insects.  Every back garden is a little ecosystem packed with diversity and life.

This notebook is ideal for writing or drawing and would make a lovely gift for a child or an adult.

Size: 105 x 148mm (A6)

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