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This amazing-smelling candle is a  These Two Hands Exclusive! I have been a huge fan of Laura, the Smallest Light and her nature-inspired scented soy candles since I discovered her over a year ago. I knew she would be able to create a bespoke seasonal inspired scent that would be perfect for my collection and I wanted it to be for my favourite season, Autumn. I met Laura on a nature retreat in summer and did a candle-making workshop with her myself, and I was over the moon when she agreed to work wit me on an exclusive bespoke candle. We talked via Skype through my favourite autumnal scents and the benefits of the most seasonal essential oils. I love woody scents and I love lavender and cinnamon and warm scents too. I wanted to create a scent that evoked the smell of the woods in Autumn and also that would help deal with change as Autumn is a time of change and letting go. I wanted a candle that would help to ground you through the busy run up to Christmas too.

I chose Cedarwood for its grounding properties, Cinnamon for its warmth and energising properties, and Petitgrain which is the wood of the bitter orange tree and has similar calming, restorative properties to lavender. The result smells incredible and I am so proud of this exclusive candle. I named it Autumn Light as I love the light at this time of year and it warms and relaxes you, just as I think this candle does. I hope you love it too!

Size: 120ml, in a recyclable amber glass jar.  ONLY 3 OF THESE CANDLES LEFT

Materials: Soy wax, cedarwood, cinnamon and petitgrain essential oil

Burn time: approx 25 hours

2 reviews for Autumn Light Soy Aromatherapy Candle

  1. Susan Jones (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful candle. I’ve had candles from the Smallest Light before and they are wonderfully evocative of the seasons. This particular blend, created for These Two Hands, captures autumn perfectly with its woody scent. A gorgeous collaboration!

  2. Kim (verified owner)

    A beautiful scent of cinnamon and autumn woodlands to help set the mood as the nights draw in. Wonderful addition to the November de-stress kit

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