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I am so excited to be working with Noni and stocking her delicious sustainable coffees. She is an amazing one woman coffee roaster with her own roastery not far from me in Stroud. I have wanted to sell coffee for ages as I’m a big coffee lover, but I wanted it to be the right coffee. And when I discovered Noni, I knew she was perfect. Her beautiful packaging, her company ethos – to produce delicious tasting coffee without compromising the environment that produces it – and even the coffee names. Locally roasted Bloom coffee drunk in a handcrafted wildflower mug just makes sense.

This is the 6th version of her Bloom blend and it’s another deliciously smooth and chocolatey blend with notes of baking chocolate, dates and twix biscuits. She created this blend to be a balanced cup flavour of chocolate and nuts. A perfect espresso drink or a fantastic accompaniment to a cafetiere or stove top brew.

Three quarters of this blend is made using a scrumptious coffee from a farm called Rio Brilhante. The owner of the farm is Inacio Carlos Urban. The coffee is grown at 1050 MASL near the town Coromandel, in Cerrado Brazil. Inacio strives for excellence within the specialty industry through rigorous quality control measures. The farm name translates as ‘bright river’ in honour of the beautiful clear water which nourishes his farm in the form of a river that runs through.

Also with a river running through it the remaining quater of the blend comes from Chimaltenango, Guatemala. It is a deliciously sweet coffee. This farm is owned by Arabigos del Sur, S.A. The farm, El Retiro, produces Pache and Bourbon varietals. This lot is Bourbon. The coffee is grown at 1,800 MASL, the farm is in the town of San Martin Jilotepeque.

Noni’s mission is “to ensure that you know who has grown your coffee, to develop long term relationships with small farmers worldwide to help them to grow, to use her profits for research to contribute to a more sustainable industry. And for every cup of Noni’s coffee drunk, to be as satisfying in flavour as it is for every person in the supply chain through which it got there.” I hope you love these coffees as much as I do!

Size: 250g bag, choice of Beans or Filter Grind (which works for stovetop pots/cafetieres and filter machines)


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