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Blue Stoneware Vase


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When I saw the colours and shapes of Raphaela’s work, they were just what I wanted for my autumn 2020 hedgerow inspired collection. These smokey blues reminds me of sloes and stormy skies. I love the shape of this vase too and it looks so good with my purple wild dried posy. There are only a few of these available and no two are the same.

All Raphaela’s pottery is made in her home studio in Devon on the potter’s wheel. She uses speckled stoneware clay, sourced from a UK family-run business in Stoke on Trent where she also gets all her glaze ingredients from. All her glazes have been created by experimenting and playing with different combinations, and they are all lead-free and food safe. The colours come from natural oxides from the earth such as copper (Green) and Tin (White) and she loves to play with the chemistry and see what happens. Everything is fired in her little electric kiln.

Available in this beautiful shades of blue glaze that graduates from light blue at the top through to darker blue in the middle and a navy blue band at the bottom. As everything is handmade, each colour variation will be slightly different.

If not in stock, the average make time is 4 weeks. Size: H15cm by Width 9cm at base and a narrow 2cm wide opening at the top



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