Botanical Colour At Your Fingertips


by Rebecca Desnos

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I bought this beautiful book for one of my best friends a few years ago and found it hard to part with. At the time, the author Rebecca didn’t sell through other shops, but I kept in touch with her and as soon as she was able to supply some for me to add to my collection, I ordered some in straight away. This book is for you if you love plants and love crafting! It is a beautiful and simple guide to the relaxing art of botanical dyeing written by natural dyer, Rebecca Desnos. It helps you to connect with nature and realise the incredible colour potential of the plants all around you to dye fabrics and clothing.

In this book, you learn how to:

• produce a wide palette of colours, including pink from avocados, yellow from pomegranates and coral from eucalyptus leaves.

• extract dye from just about any plant from the kitchen, garden or wild.

• use the ancient method of soya milk mordanting to achieve rich and long-lasting colour on plant fibres, such as cotton and linen.

• produce reliable colours that withstand washing and exposure to light.

If you enjoy sewing, knitting or any other fibre craft and you’re looking for a more eco friendly way to dye and make you own fabrics, this is the perfect book!

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