Buttercup Stem Earrings


Beautiful and unique silver and gold plated earrings inspired by buttercups on their stems.

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These beautiful silver and gold plated earrings are inspired by buttercups on their stems. Buttercups are a springtime flower that has always inspired me since childhood. These earrings are very distinctive and perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. They are unusual because of the long silver stems which thread through the ear lobe and are visible hanging behind the ear. Each buttercup has a contemporary brushed gold plated matt finish, with slightly polished edges on the petals and pollen. The buttercups each measure approximately 9mm across and 6mm in height. The earring stems measure 35mm long and each pair comes with a pair of silver scrolls to secure them . You may find very slight variations from the buttercups pictured as each flower is unique and handmade in my workshop.

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