By The Light Of The Moon Gift Set


I am especially proud of this gift set – I think it’s such a lovely combination of gifts for moon lovers. You can choose from just the Moonlight candle and Blooming Moon bath salts in either small 100ml or large 250ml bottle. Or for an extra special gift set, you can add a beautiful silver moon frame filled with pressed dandelion clocks.

This beautiful Moonlight Candle is perfect for adding some hygge to dark evenings as you bathe ‘By the light of the moon’ in its gentle light. The Moon and stars on the jar illuminate when lit. It is scented with a magical blend of sacred lunar herbs; white sage, jasmine, camphor and myrrh to spiritually calm the mind and purify your space, whilst you relax or meditate. Plastic free and designed to be upcycled or recycled. Hand poured with plant based natural waxes and with a concentrated blend of pure essential oils.  No fragrance oil. 40 hours burn time.

These Blooming Moon bath salts were created to be used during any phase of the moon to enhance your moon rituals. The scent is an intoxicating blend of night blooming jasmine, rose geranium and sweet orange. As you slide into the bath, let your skin soak up the healing minerals of the pink Himalayan salts and organic rose powder that will turn the bath water a soft shade of violet. Floating around you are pink rose buds, red rose petals, hibiscus flowers and dried orange pieces. Active plant magic: Pink rose buds, Red rose petals, Red rose powder, Hibiscus flowers, Orange peel, Rose geranium essential oil, Jasmine essential oil, Sweet orange essential oil. How to use: Once the bath is full you can either sprinkle desired amount of bath ritual directly into the water or fill the cotton bag and submerge it in the water (for a cleaner option). Bathe for at least 20 minutes to receive the most benefits from the salts and herbs.

The Dandelion Moon frames are hand cut from glass and soldered to keep the delicate dandelion clocks preserved forever in time. Nikki finishes each one with a silver patina and a small loop to hang them from a window or mirror or decorative branches.

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