Ceramic Incense Fairy House


Cute ceramic incense fairy house with a tiny door and windows, a chimney for the smoke to wisp out through and decorated with little flowers and leaves. Comes with a separate ceramic oval base to hold your incense cone.

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

This incense house is just perfect – I love how the smoke of the incense curls up through the tiny chimney! It was so hot on the day we photographed this, that I shot it back to front by mistake but the back is almost as lovely as the front. I love its tiny door and windows and the little flowers and leaves that decorate it. It comes with a separate little ceramic oval base to hold your incense cone. Why not add some of my new Grounding Incense cones for the perfect gift?

Your incense house may differ from the one in the photo as each one is handmade and unique.

Size: H12 x W8cm



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