Ceramic Milk Jug


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I love these beautiful shades of pale and dark green that Liz creates and the geometric pattern of these milk jugs. Liz’s ceramics are unique and they are my favourite colours.

Each piece is thrown on the pottery wheel in Liz’s lovely field-based studio in Bristol using a blend of clays and glazed in stages to achieve the layered result. Liz dips the jugs in white, jade and grey glazes to create the beautiful mix of pale and dark greens on these jugs. Each jug is totally unique in each firing depending on the thickness and position in the kiln.

Liz’s ceramics are made to be very tactile, with gentle curves to fit your hands. Everything is fired to 1260c, making it more durable and dishwasher/microwave proof. If not in stock, these jugs can be made to order within 4 weeks.

Dimensions: H8cm x W7cm



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