Cheese Plant Leaf Coaster


by Rolfe & Wills


Alice Rolfe is the talented artist behind Rolfe & Wills in Bristol and I love her vibrant, minimalist designs and the company’s environmental ethos. She draws each cheese plant leaf and then puts the design onto each coaster individually in her Bristol based studio. All her products are responsibly sourced, and printed with non-toxic, organic inks. The hardboard in the middle is FSC certified, sustainable sourced Eucalyptus board and they are 100% made in the UK.

Dimensions: 9 x 9cm
Care: Wipe Clean


Alice Rolfe spent 10 years studying Fine Art, Sculpture and Print in London, teaching and exhibiting in and around London and Europe. Making is her real passion, so she came back home to Bristol and with the help of her old school friend Chloe Wills, started a design company.

I love her minimalist crisp designs, vibrant colours and the company ethics. All their products are organic, responsibly sourced, and printed with non-toxic, organic inks. She also has a fun sense of humour and each mug comes in a lovely presentation box with a few tea related puns printed on it.