Copper Pipe Triple Candle Holder


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This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a while as I love copper and the colour goes so well with the warm yellow of beeswax candles. The guy who works next door to my studio happens to love making things with copper so I did a quick sketch and asked him what he needed to make these. And the result is these beautiful triple candle holders made from copper piping. I think they work so well and make a beautiful and unique table centrepiece. I chose a larger style of reducers (the top bits to hold the candles) as it gives it a more classic vintage feel. These will be made up bespoke to order and the make time is around 2 weeks.

Size: Total width of holder – 22.5cm. Height of candle holders – 14cm, 12cm and 10cm. Width of each holder – 2cm, the exact size for holding my beeswax dinner candles.

Material: Copper piping – these will age naturally with time to be less shiny which I prefer


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