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Cow Parsley Print Soap Dishes


In stock (can be backordered)

I fell in love with Julie Reilly’s ceramics on Instagram. Her handbuilt plates, dishes and bowls are hand printed with grasses, foliage and meadow flowers and the edges are gently ruffled like petals. They are then glazed in a cream-white with oxides which create a soft autumnal hue to highlight the fine patterns created. These beautifully intricate soap dishes are imprinted with cow parsley seedheads and small holes are carved in to some of the seedheads to allow for drainage. They are large enough to fit 2 bars of soap in and have a clever separate tray underneath to collect water. Each soap dish is unique and varies slightly in design and size.

If not currently in stock, the average make time is 3 weeks and designs will be similar to the dishes shown here but not identical. **More of these beautiful soap dishes are currently being made now that the cow parsley is in full bloom, and will be available at the end of May 2022 – you can pre-order one in advance to be sure you get one**

Size: Approx L16cm to 18cm, W11cm to 13cm


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