Creative Countryside Magazine Issue 4 “Light”



The 4th Summer Edition of this lovely independent magazine is here and it’s double the size of previous issues with 120 pages packed full of interesting seasonal and nature related features and stunning photography throughout!  If you haven’t already read an issue of Creative Countryside, it is a magazine “For those who strive to live more slowly, who are inspired by the first snowdrop and who walk outside in the rain. For lovers of stories, everyday adventures and local traditions. For those who opt for simplicity, appreciate ancient crafts, and celebrate the seasons”. It is more like a book than a magazine, and something to keep on the coffee table and dip back into again and again. The theme for this summer issue is LIGHT and it looks at waking early, our relationship with light and darkness, summer celebrations, re-wilding, slow summer food ideas and much more!

120 pages printed on 120gsm recycled paper