Dandelion Head Candle Cover


by Hannah Nunn


These beautiful dandelion clock design candle covers by Hannah Nunn are cut from paper, finished by hand and laminated for strength and durability. My little girl and I always stop to blow the seeds off a dandelion head and make a wish and I love how some of the little individual seeds are blowing off the seedhead in the wind in this design. When a lit tealight candle is placed inside, a lovely warm glow flickers through the parchment highlighting the intricate design. These make the perfect Christmas gift for any nature and wildflower lover. Please note that candles must only be used with a glass votive (provided).

Dimensions: Height 13cm, Width 9cm

Care: Can be wiped clean with a well wrung out cloth but must not be submersed in water.


I was so excited when I discovered Hannah Nunn’s beautiful designs on Instagram. With her love of nature, wild meadow flowers and seedhead designs, I have definitely found a kindred spirit. From Leeds originally, Hannah found inspiration in the countryside when she studied ‘Crafts’ at Carmarthen college in West Wales. She lived in Laugharne for many years, raising two small children, sketching and drawing in the fields and woodland and gathering ideas. When her children reached school age they moved back up North to Hebden Bridge where Hannah joined a studio space and started making paper cut greeting cards first that led on to making lamps when she saw the beautiful silhouetters her paper cut designs made if you held them up to the light.
She has since written a brilliant book called Illuminate all about contemporary craft lighting. It captures over forty ‘light-bulb moments’ telling the tales of many designers, ceramicists, furniture makers, blacksmiths and illustrators, all of whom were going about their business when one day something happened: they discovered light! She has gone on to design a range of fabrics, wallpapers and window films. She is a truly inspirational woman!