Dandelion Scraffito Ceramic Spoon Rest


I love it when an idea just works and I love these spoon rests. I was asked several times at markets last year for spoon rests, so at Christmas I had think about what design I would like have for these and I felt like the circle of a dandelion seedhead would work perfectly with the shape of a spoon rest, so I asked my good friend Wendy who makes all the beautiful earthenware scraffito and monoprint ceramics that I already stock if she would be happy to have a go at making something up for me. She loved the idea and a couple of prototypes later, the end result was this beautiful scraffito spoon rest, half glazed and half pure red earthenware, with the lovely toasty line between the two that comes naturally from the firing. I love the dandelion seedhead design, the same one as she uses on the mugs, with the clocks blowing away in the wind, and it just works so well. You could also use these as teabag saucers.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

These would make a great gift and I can package them in a lovely large Kraft card gift box filled with wood wool, tied with twine and decorated with nature. You can choose the gift box option for an extra £2 if you would like to add one.

Size: 11cm x 11cm


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