Dimple Stoneware Pourer


These beautiful little pourers are designed with tactility in mind, combining a classic shape with a modern twist of finger dimples to fit even more snugly in your hand. Perfect for milk, cream or sauces on the side

Hand thrown on the wheel with each dimple being gently pressed in by Nix’s thumb when then they have firmed up a little.

Glazed in the soft shades of gentle tones and variations across a satin surface. Available in a choice of Sage Green or Oyster White (a slightly oatmeal/earthy brown tinged white).

Size: H 8.5cm x D 7.5cm approx

Material & care: Stoneware. All these ceramics are dishwasher safe, but I always recommend hand washing to prolong the life of ceramics.

Due to the nature of handmade ceramics, there may be some small variations between individual pieces and batches in size, curve and glaze colouring

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