Dried Wild Yellow Posy


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This year gave me the opportunity to slow down a bit more and grow more flowers and herbs than previous years and I started playing around with drying them – hanging or dehydrating method. I also wrote my Guide to Meadow Grasses this summer and collected grasses from my allotment to dry with my flowers and seedheads. I noticed colour patterns and two strong colours came out of my collections – one of which was these golden yellows and browns of lady’s mantle, poppy seedheads, mallow seedheads, wild carrot and cocksfoot, quaking and false oat grasses. I have created a small number of these dried wild posies for you to decorate your home. They look beautiful in my new sloe blue ceramic vase or in a simple glass milk bottle or even a tin can. Each posy comes with a handprinted gift card explaining what flowers and grasses are in your posy and tied with a warm yellow raffia to complement the posy. They are carefully packaged in wood wool and a large box to ensure the blooms aren’t damaged in the post.  As these are handmade, each wild posy will vary slightly.

Size: ca. 25 flower and grass stems per posy

Colours: Yellow/Brown mix (Purple/Green Mix also available)


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