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Elm Wood Chopping Board



I’ve worked with James of Jem Woodcraft in Clevedon for a few years now to create bespoke colours and designs carved from wood and handpainted with milk paints. For Spring 2022, I asked him to create me a collection with warm yellow milk paint to complement the rest of the range, and to make me some handled chopping boards which is a new design. I love these beautiful large chopping boards with a handle to hang them with and painted in a warm yellow. They are carved by hand from locally sourced Elm wood, painted with milk paint and then treated with walnut oil to protect the wood.  If not in stock, the average make time is 3-4 weeks. You can choose from a yellow painted handle or plain handle with yellow paint on the lower section of the board.

Size: W23cm x L32-36cm

Care: Clean your chopping board gently with a damp cloth. It has been oiled for its protection and to stop it warping, but should not be left in water or put in the dishwasher. If it starts to dry out, a light sanding and another coat of oil will prolong its life. Best stored out of direct sunlight.


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