Everlastings: How to grow, harvest and create with dried flowers


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I have followed this book’s author, Bex Partridge, on Instagram for ages and been inspired by her beautiful dried flower crafts and love of all things flower related! As soon as I saw she was planning on writing a book, I wrote to her asking if I could stock it and it’s now here. I was so excited to get my copies of Everlastings – it’s such a beautiful book full of advice and inspiration and stunning photography. It’s a glorious and personal celebration of the life of flowers, showcasing the ethereal beauty of dried flowers. Bex takes you on a journey, starting with practical advice on how to grow and pick flowers both at home and outdoors, with in-depth descriptions of the many methods of drying blooms, seed heads and foliage, before sharing her favourite ways to style with dried flowers in the home as well as wearable items such as floral crowns and hair clips.

The main part of the book features over 20 projects to try at home, all accompanied with beautiful photos. It’s suitable for all levels of experience, for people that have never worked with dried flowers before as well as seasoned professionals. Bex shares ideas on how to capture the memories and moments of special days, through gathering and preserving flowers, to be treasured for years to come which is something so close to my heart as a flower collector and presser.

She also shares her knowledge of sustainability and the ecological benefits of dried flowers, on foraging and thoughts on the meditative benefits of working with dried flowers. Filled with the stunning imagery that Bex is well known for online, Everlastings is a book you will treasure and come back to again and again.

Paperback, 160 pages.


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