Fern Reclaimed Wood Serving Board With Handle


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I love fern leaves. There is something so beautiful about their shape, they are nature’s simplest form of fractals (the same shape repeating over and over at ever smaller scales) which we are drawn to in life and nature. When I came across these beautiful fern design wooden serving boards made from recycled and reclaimed wood by Jennie, I wanted one for myself and added them to the shop as she could make me some.

These boards are beautifully thick with handles and the wood is a lovely pale whitish brown with grain detail. Jennie uses reclaimed and recycled wood from a nearby scaffolding company, which gives these a lovely rustic feel, and each design is finished with wax to protect it. As they are handmade from whatever wood is available, the final colour and size of the piece may vary slightly from the photos, but that is just part of what makes each one unique.

Size: 46cm x 18cm


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