Fig, Orange & Bergamot Soy Candle


by Loop Massage


This is a lovely relaxing candle with warm fig, orange and bergamot scents. Hand poured in small batches in Bristol by Polly Meech and her husband and made from 100% natural Soy Wax, a sustainable and clean-burning base that burns longer than traditional parrafin wax. They add natural, paraben-free fragrance oils that mix well with their wax and finish each one with a pure cotton wick. Polly is a bit of an alchemist and loves creating new scents and testing them out at home and on friends. They are delicate fragrances designed to add to your environment not overwhelm. Each candle comes in a 90g glass pot and burns for approx 25 hours.


Loop Massage is Polly Meech and she is the alchemist behind their lovely scented candles and hand soaps. She studied aromatherapy as part of massage training and she loves playing with fragrance combinations to come up with perfect scents and her husband does the hand pouring of the candles in their house. They test them out themselves and on friends and then launch them into the world. Polly exudes warmth and calmness and her candles do the same.
Polly is also an amazing masseuse and I can’t recommend her highly enough – she has her massage studio in Cargo 2 at Wapping Wharf.


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