Forest Copper Enamel Art


by Ashleigh Proud


This beautiful forest print is the work of Bristol-based maker and fellow leaf-lover Ashleigh Proud. She sketches design ideas to create the final drawing that is then lasercut from copper sheet. Once the copper is cut to shape, she cleans it and hand applies a mixture of wet and dry enamel in different colours and fires it in a kiln. The piece is then framed in a white wood and glass frame to protect it. It looks stunning on the wall and brings a lovely woodland feel into your home.

Size: H25cm x W25cm
Materials: copper and enamel, in a wood frame with glass cover.

Additional information

Weight 555 g


Ashleigh Proud is a Bristol-based maker who I met doing a market and we bonded over our mutual love of leaves!  She takes inspiration from the natural world around us and from objects found on walks. Her favourite objects are leaves because they remind her of my grandparents and when they used to go for long walks in the forest together.
Her love for enamelling developed when she was studying for my Masters from 2013.  Enamelling is the fusing of powdered glass to a metal surface. She uses copper as the base because it creates the most beautiful range of colours.  She enjoys the process and the unique quality of enamelling – as she puts it: “Once the piece goes in the kiln you cannot control the outcome which makes each piece individual and sometimes it is those ‘happy accidents’ that turn out the best!”