Green Porcelain Bottle Vase


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These modern porcelain bottles by Kt Robbins Ceramics are reminiscent of the popular vintage style milk bottle, but with a modern twist in terms of the subtle tactile finish and pretty tones. They are the perfect size for the sorts of wild garden posies that I love to have on the table.

These vases are finished in a micro-crystalline apple green glaze. Each one is thrown in luxurious porcelain, and after the shape is formed a layer of slip is added leaving subtle ridges over which the glaze can break beautifully. The soft undulations of these throwing rings is a lovely reminder that these beautiful vases have been made by hand. Each piece is glazed to temperature of 1250 C, and is fully water-tight.

Size: ca. 9cm high, with an opening of 2cm across (there are some variations in height).



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