Green White Stoneware Soap Dish


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I love simplicity when it comes to ceramics and things that feel really earthy and natural. I love these new soap dishes by Tim Fenna.Tim takes his inspiration from the natural world and traditional craftsmanship. He uses a wheel to throw simple forms, allowing the process and the beauty of the materials to speak for themselves, which is exactly what spoke to me in his work.

He created this speckled white and green glaze combination as a soap dish for my autumn collection. I love the colours and the brighter green line between the glazes that the firing creates. These dishes match my new Herb Garden soaps perfectly colour-wise too if you’re looking for a lovely gift set.

Each soap dish is handmade on a potter’s wheel using traditional techniques, then hand-dipped in a stoneware glaze before being fired in an electric kiln.

Size: Length 10.5cm x Width 7.5cm


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