Half Caff Espresso Sustainably Sourced Coffee


Delicious locally roasted coffee with half the caffeine! I’m addicted to this Half Caff coffee by Noni, an amazing one woman coffee roaster with her own roastery not far from me in Stroud. I was finding that more than 2 full caff coffees was making me feel on edge and anxious, but now I can have 2 or 3 coffees and not feel at all on edge. This half caff blend tastes delicious and you still get the good bits of the caffeine.
The HALF CAFF Espresso creation was originally a bespoke coffee request that turned out to be so popular, she decided to make a real thing out of it! If you want a coffee but you don’t want too much caffeine. This HALF CAFF might be just what you are looking for. It has notes of Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Dates and is a delicious blend of her house espresso BLOOM v5 and her Swiss Water Decaf, Mexico.  It can be enjoyed both black or with milk. It is a really delicious brew tasting rich and full bodied, even though there is half the amount of caffeine – give it a go!

I wanted to sell coffee for ages as I’m a big coffee lover, but I wanted it to be the right coffee. And when I discovered Noni, I knew she was perfect. Her beautiful packaging, her company ethos – to produce delicious tasting coffee without compromising the environment that produces it – and her delicious blends.

Noni’s mission is “to ensure that you know who has grown your coffee, to develop long term relationships with small farmers worldwide to help them to grow, to use her profits for research to contribute to a more sustainable industry. And for every cup of Noni’s coffee drunk, to be as satisfying in flavour as it is for every person in the supply chain through which it got there.” I hope you love these coffees as much as I do!

Size: 250g bag, choice of Beans or Filter Grind (which works for stovetop pots/cafetieres and filter machines)


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