Hand Printed Linen Make Up Bag


by Helen Round



This lovely linen cosmetic bag features Helen Round’s beautiful handprinted Garden design, in a range of gorgeous colours. With a classic dark navy splash-proof lining and a brass zipper, it’s perfect for carrying makeup in your handbag. Helen’s designs are inspired by the Cornish countryside all around her and handmade in her Cornwall studio.

Available in Raspberry Red, Indigo Blue, Natural, Hollyhock Blue or Cowslip Yellow.

Dimensions: 17cm x 14.5cm  x 6cm approximately.

Care: Machine washable at 30 degrees


Helen phoned me as soon as she got my email to chat about me stocking her designs which was lovely as I felt I got to know her straight away and could tell how passionate she was about what she does immediately.

She started her business on the kitchen table over 6 years ago. Having spent many years teaching, she was keen to get back to making. With a background in fine art textiles and a long time love of fabrics and printmaking, she decided to combine the two and set out to create a range of simple, practical, things for the home.

Each design starts life as sketch book scribbles, fine line drawings capturing the surrounding beauty of her native Cornwall. She draws what she sees and these line drawings have a gentle simplicity which are echoed in Helen’s life and beliefs. Her collections are little stories each with their own unique background. I have chosen designs from her Garden Collection.

All her designs are hand printed on linen too as flax, the plant from which linen is made, is a sustainable fibre that is recyclable and biodegradable. It is gentle on the land, grows naturally and is easy to incorporate into modern crop rotation cycles. Linen is strong and naturally moth resistant and as she puts it on her website, it’s “the natural choice for a slower, more thoughtful way of life.”