Hand-Thrown Ceramic Stoneware Jug


This beautiful, countryside-inspired ceramic stoneware jug makes the perfect gravy boat or custard jug. If features a refined textural surface that adds depth and character in a calming blue-grey glaze and a unique contrast handle. The result is a wonderfully tactile jug that is as lovely to touch as it is to look at.

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I love the unique texture of Karen’s stoneware and this calming River grey-blue colour. Karen creates ceramics that stand out and that feel great to hold. This beautiful jug makes the perfect gravy boat or custard jug, perfect for serving sauces. Whether entertaining friends or family or having a cosy dinner at home, this beautiful jug brings the peaceful colours of the British landscape into your home. The interior is glazed, leaving the exterior naked and each jug has a complimentary coloured large clay handle. The play of light and shadows on the jug’s handcrafted texture evokes the natural textures found in the countryside, creating a tactile experience that is as lovely to touch as it is to look at. Using these textures and calming natural colours, Karen crafts work that is designed to¬† be touched, used and treasured for years.

Each piece is hand-thrown with meticulous attention to detail and each Ceramic Stoneware Jug is a unique work of art. Karen expertly shapes the stoneware clay in her Gloucestershire studio, creating a distinct shape and form with its striking large contrast handle that balances with the simple form of the jug’s Japandi-style body (a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles).

Colour: River – Dark Grey-Blue
Size: 500 ml jug, H: 9.9 cm, W: 9.2 cm
Care: Dishwasher safe. Please do not use it in the microwave

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