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Handcrafted Royal Sussex Medium Garden Trug


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I feel very passionately about the loss of traditional craft skills, things that are no longer passed down generation to generation. There are several crafts in this country that are on an endangered list where only a handful of people are left who know how to make them. These garden trugs are one of those crafts. There are only 7 people in this country that make these full time, one of whom is Robbin Tuppen of Sussex Trugs. Investing in one of these beautiful handcrafted trugs in more than having something amazing to carry your picnic/garden tools/homegrown veg in… it’s investing in keeping a forgotten craft alive. These are lifetime pieces, built to last and to enjoy. This medium size is perfect for harvesting veg from the allotment, putting cut flowers in or even using as a beautiful fruit/veg display on your table.

These Sussex Trugs were invented back in the 1820’s, just before Queen Victoria ascended to the English Throne, by a man called Thomas Smith who lived in Sussex. Taking an ancient idea dating back to Anglo Saxon times, Thomas redesigned the historic “trog” and created a part of the English gardening scene that is now world famous!

Size: 13.5″ x 7″ or 34cm long by 18cm wide



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