Handmade Ceramic Stoneware Coffee Cup


Beautiful, countryside-inspired ceramic stoneware coffee cups.

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I love the unique texture of Karen’s stoneware and this calming River grey-blue colour. Karen creates ceramics that stand out and that feel great to hold. Thrown by hand in clay coloured by oxide, each of these Coffee Cups is unique in texture and character while following the same pattern of form and size. Each handle is hand-pulled in a complimentary oxide-coloured clay. Fired to 1200ᵒC, these cup has an immersive blue interior and deep grey exterior. The internal and external surfaces are dotted with flecks of light and dark and the contrasting handle cuts a pale streak across the cup; a flash of brightness in the night. Using these textures and calming natural colours, Karen crafts work that is designed to  be touched, used and treasured for years. Each piece is hand-thrown with meticulous attention to detail from stoneware clay in her Gloucestershire studio.

Colour: River – Dark Grey-Blue (as shown at the back in the photo – the other natural beige colour is not currently available)
Size: 150ml coffee cup. Width 7 cm x Height 6.3 cm
Care: Dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended. Please do not put it in the microwave

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