Handmade Grounding Ayurvedic Incense Cones


Handmade Ayurvedic Grounding incense cones with patchouli, rose, black pepper and marshmallow to help calm and ground you. Set of 7 cones in a recyclable amber jar.

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Everything B at Bohobo creates smells amazing and has an incredible calming and grounding effect. B believes that incorporating practical holistic ritual in moments of our day changes our vibration and ability to flow. A moment becomes sacred when we shift our focus and connect. This surrender imbues us with love and care.

In ancient ceremonies we would burn bark, bushes and resin for their magical seer properties but also the intense benefits gained by using aromatics and the energetic clearing they provide. 

Incense has the ability to change the vastu (elemental and subtle energy) of our homes. Bohobo’s handmade Ayurvedic Grounding incense has to be felt, breathed and experienced.

Ribbons of patchouli, rose, black pepper and marshmallow.

These cones come in a lovely little cotton bag containing 7 large cones stored in a recyclable amber glass jar.

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