Handpainted Hawk Moth Stoneware Cup


Tactile stoneware beaker cup without a handle, featuring a beautiful elephant hawk moth design painted on by hand using a liquid wax so that when they are glazed, the glaze does not stick to where the design is painted.

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This is one of the favourite pieces I’ve ever added to my collection! I asked Majka who makes ceramics a few miles from me in Bristol to create something bespoke and autumnal for my collection, and one of the designs she shared was this beautiful elephant hawk moth which is the one I chose. I love the feel and shape of her ceramics so much. She uses stoneware clay fired to a stoneware temperature and applies a matt oatmeal glaze, which gives these handle-less cups a lovely texture. These tactile tumbler style cups are designed to wrap both hands around while drinking your hot chocolate or coffee. You could also use them for cold drinks. This cup and the mug in the same design are both available as gift sets with Harth hot chocolate.

This unique design is of an elephant hawk moth that she and her son found struggling on the payment this summer in the heatwave, so they picked it up and took it to a shady, green space nearby. Majka paints the moth by hand using a liquid wax, so that when she glazes them the glaze does not adhere where she has painted the wax. She was inspired to create this moth in ceramics as she kept seeing beautiful moths like this one in the city. And because moths symbolise transformation, the night, mystery and rebirth.

Size: H8cm x W7cm. Moth is painted on one side only and cup is without a handle.

Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe, although I recommend hand washing for all handmade ceramics to prolong their life

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