Handpainted Wooden Sunset Long Earrings


I love Bianca’s beautiful handpainted wooden jewellery. I have lots of her work in my Bristol shop now and wanted to add a few of my favourite designs to my online shop this Autumn.

These wooden earrings are made using vintage recycled wood, individually hand painted in a design that reminds me of sunsets. Bianca works with colours she mixes herself using high quality artists acrylic paint, and develops designs by painting straight onto the wood. She finds that the best way to determine if the colours, forms and textures will work on the wood she has chosen. The shapes of the wood are simple squares and rectangles rounded off on alternate corners. These shape are led by a desire to make the best use of the precious woods in her collection, but to also create pleasing and tactile shapes. The wood is polished using a beeswax and organic olive oil polish, made by a couple who live in Frome, Somerset and have hives in Bath.

These earrings are individually hand cut shaped polished and painted. The earrings are 45mm long and 10mm wide, and hang from 20mm diameter raw brass or recycled sterling silver wires.

Size: L4.5cm x W1.5cm


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