Hanging Ceramic Hedgehog


Ceramic hanging hedgehogs made from stoneware clay and decorated with an oxide, then individually hand painted

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My new autumn collection is very much inspired by autumnal woodland flora and fauna and I couldn’t resist adding in these hedgehogs. I knew Nicola would be able to make the perfect hanging hedgehogs out of ceramics and these are so cute!  They are made from high fired stoneware ceramic with an iron oxide finish and then each one is individually hand painted to add the face details. They are then attached to a loop of natural twine to make them easy to hang on branches or pegs.

These ceramic hedgehogs are made from stoneware clay and decorated with an oxide. Each piece of clay is rolled and shaped by hand, making each one utterly unique. All of Nicola’s work is inspired by her love of walking and exploring and the gems that nature gives to us.

Size: approx 4cm long and 2cm wide

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