Hedgerow Lino Print


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I discovered Becca when I opened my physical shop in Bristol as she lives two roads away and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t come across her beautiful nature-inspired work sooner. I love her designs and the quality of her prints and I am slowly adding more and more to my online shop as well as the bricks and mortar shop. This print in particular is a favourite of mine and so autumnal.

This lovely landscape print shows some of the 130 species of plant and animal that are integral to, and rely upon, healthy hedgerows. 40% of UK hedgerows are ancient and/or species rich. They support wildlife as nesting sites and food sources, provide ‘wildlife corridors’ between otherwise isolated habitats, and safe places for wildlife to hunt, hide, rest and bask. They also clean the air, capture carbon and reduce flooding!

Original linocut print on Lokta paper from an edition of 50. Size: 60x25cm.

Packaged flat against board and wrapped in biodegradable cellophane.

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