I Picked These For You – Thank You Card


A beautiful illustrated card featuring a child’s hand holding a bunch of dandelions to say thank you. Perfect for Mother’s Day or as a thank you card.

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A fistful of dandelions to say thank you (for everything that you do).

This card was inspired by Hannah’s little boy’s pure glee when he brings her home a bunch of dandelions or buttercups. He is excited because he knows she will be happy and that is such a lovely thing to see. Lucy does the same to me with some blossom or  some daisies and buttercups she finds. Children have no concept of commercial flowers versus wildflowers and I’d rather a handful of wildflowers any day!  I imagined this card as a Mother’s Day card, but I think it can apply to any occasion that deserves a heartfelt thank you.

It is printed on lovely quality, sustainably sourced card, and comes with a nice white envelope.

Size: The folded card is A6 size – roughly 160mm x 120mm

All Hannah’s cards are designed, manufactured and packaged by hand in the UK. They are printed on FSC approved card stock which means that it is sourced from sustainable mixed forests.

The original drawings are inspired by the nature all around her in Scotland where she lives. She draws in pencil, biro and watercolour.

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