Illustrated Enamel Mugs


by Alice Draws The Line



I fell in love with Alice’s beautiful nature illustrations on Instagram, especially these two leaf print designs. These enamel mugs make me dream of camping trips in the autumn sunshine, sitting around a campfire with friends drinking coffee, waking up in the morning dew and having breakfast outside… they transport me to a beautiful place and I think it’s important to surround yourself with things that do that.

The Fern and Bracken design features a range of ferns and bracken illustrations around the mug. On the Beech leaf design the leaves start green on the left hand side and move through the autumn colours to end with brown at the other side. The Spring Flowers design features a rainbow of beautiful flowers, from red through to blue.

Dimensions: Height 8cm, Diameter 8.5cm
Care: Hand wash only and immediately dry thoroughly to avoid rust spots. This is an inherent characteristic of enamel mugs.
Please note: Due to the hand-crafted nature of enamel mug each product will differ slightly and there are occasionally some tiny imperfections in the coating – slightly uneven covering or light defects such as dimples or black dots. These are all classed as acceptable defects and should be considered before purchasing.


Alice is a nature-inspired illustrator based in Shrewsbury and she also runs a forest school. She is normally to be found outside with a sketchbook in her hand. She keeps a ‘drawing a day’ book which I love the idea of. It’s a sketchbook in which she does a sketches something that she sees every day and which has become a visual diary.

I feel like Alice is definitely a kindred spirit. She loves being outside, specifically in woods and she loves sketching the seasons, taking note of the different flora and fauna as the year goes by. From her initial drawings, she has created a range of beautiful woodland and nature designs on mugs, tea towels, cards, temporary tattoos and much more.