Kids Organic Lip Balm Making Kit


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I love the idea of these lip balm making kits for kids and my nieces and nephews will be getting one this Christmas! They can pop straight through the postbox¬† and as B their maker says “they contain everything your small person needs to make a truly scrumptious organic lip balm for you, oops I mean them, to enjoy!” It’s a great gift for siblings to enjoy and do together too.

Each brown paper parcel contains:

organic yellow beeswax in an eco bag

organic kokum butter in an eco bag

organic cocoa butter in an eco bag

organic apricot kernel oil in an amber glass bottle

2 x magical recycled brown paper lip balm tubes

2 x perfect kraft labels to make your own

Add all your ingredients into a suitable jug. Gently melt the wax on the hob or in the micro. While this is happening, sing your favourite song or dive into a book. When everything is melted, it is ready to remove from heat (your adult can help you with this). Slowly pour the yummy mixture into your lip balm tubes and set down where they can be quiet for a few minutes. Whisper something magical into your lip balm. Fill it with love and possibilities. Wait for it to set. This is a perfect time for you to design your labels. Be inspired by nature, your heart or the stars. Anything that makes you feel great. When the organic lip lusciousness is set, you can pop the lid on and stick your label on. Give one or have someone share in the experience with you.


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