Large Dusky Pink Handmade Mug


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These mugs are really large and perfect for big hot chocolate or tea. I don’t normally like pinks, but I love this matte dusky pink glaze with flecks of blues and browns. All Charlotte’s ceramics are handmade in her pottery studio in Berkshire. Her pottery is made in small batches of around 30 pieces and carefully formed over a two day period. After the pieces have dried for a week, they are then fired to 1000 degrees Celsius in her kiln. She then mixes her unique glazes from powders before dipping and pouring the ceramics to create beautiful glaze patterns. The ceramics are then fired again to 1260 degrees Celsius. This final firing means that they are suitable to be microwaved or washed in a dishwasher.

Size: 400ml, H10cm x W9cm

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