Lichen Aromatherapy Candle With Wooden Wick


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I love earthy, natural smells and these candles smell so good. The packaging is really beautiful too. Kate crafts her natural botanical range of soy wax candles and melts on the edge of the Lake District National Park from natural ingredients and pure essential oils. They also feature these special wooden wicks which crackles softly like a fire and they give any room a spa feel without emitting any harmful chemicals.

I chose this Lichen candle because it reminded me of the forest with its warm mossy base notes. The blend is a mix of Eucalyptus, Bay and Oakmoss essential oils. It’s a really unique blend and I love it.

Each candle comes in a lovely amber jar which can be reused as a plant or storage pot, with a screw top lid which helps the scent last longer and keeps the dust away. They also come boxed which makes them perfect for a gift.

Burn time is approx 20 hours.

**I am putting this candle in the sale to make room for a new range of Autumn & Winter candles**

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