Lichen Scented Wax Melts


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I love earthy, woody, natural smells and these natural wax melts smell so good. The packaging is really beautiful too. Kate crafts her natural botanical range of soy wax candles and melts on the edge of the Lake District National Park from natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

The packaging is what makes these sustainable soy wax melts extra special. They are so beautifully crafted with a top layer of herb and flower botanical elements. As you open the stylish sliding drawer box, the essential oils smell so good and they are carefully tissue wrapped inside with a little leaflet about the blend and how to use the melts. These little touches make such a difference. The melts come in a pack of of 6 and you get approximately 15 hours of scent per 1-2 cubes. Just pop the cubes in an oil burner with a lit tealight underneath and let the lovely blend of oils melt and release into the room.

I chose this Lichen scent because it reminds me of the forest with its warm mossy base notes. The blend is a mix of Eucalyptus, Bay and Oakmoss essential oils. It’s a really unique blend and I love it, I hope you do too! These make a great gift and would make a perfect stocking filler too.
**This scent is on sale to make room for new Autumn/Winter blends**

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