Linen Soap Bag


by Helen Round


Having made the switch last year to solid soap bars and shampoo bars by Wild Sage & Co, this new linen soap bag is perfect for me for travelling. I had been trying to find a good way of packing up my shampoo bar when I went away for the weekend or on holiday, and often I just didn’t take it as it was too messy, but these brilliant linen bags absorb the moisture from the soap/shampoo bar so that you can pack it in your bag and it won’t get anything else wet or sticky. Linen is such a fantastic sustainable fabric and it’s great at drying (which is why it’s so good for tea towels), so this soap bag quickly absorbs moisture from your soap and helps to protect the contents of your toiletry bag from any drips and slime! These beautiful natural-coloured pure linen bags are hand printed and made in Cornwall and each piece of linen used is made up of offcuts from the other designs made in Helen’s studio so that nothing goes to waste.

Size: 14cm x 15cm

Care: 100% linen, cool wash at 30 degrees


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