Marigold Mini Lino Print


by Striped Pebble

I love all of Striped Pebble’s beautiful wildflower and nature-inspired lino prints so I wanted to add to my white seedhead collection this spring with this beautiful orangey yellow marigold design as well as new chamomile, cowslip and dandelion prints. This is a two layer print and one of a series inspired by native plants with beneficial properties. Each one is hand printed on handmade lokta paper that measures approx 14cm square, and each is slightly different. They look great in a clear glass and zinc frame, or mounted in sets of 3. I’ve included a photo of other prints in this range together here so you can get an idea of how they work alongside eachother.

Dimensions: 8cm square image, printed on 14cm square recycled lokta paper

Dimensions14 × 14 cm


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